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Pendulum Oscillation: pend.pdf  
The Equation of Motion for a Mass-Pendulum System: mass_pendulum.pdf
Duffing Equation for a Simple Pendulum Driven by a Harmonic Moment: Duffing_pendulum.pdf
Bifilar Pendulum: bifilar.pdf

Pendulum Seismometer for Measuring Vertical Ground Motion: seismic_pendulum1.pdf

Lasic, Planinšic, Torzo: Torsion Pendulum, the Mechanical Nonlinear Oscillator: torsion_pendulum_nonlinear.pdf
The Simple But Nonlinear Pendulum: simple_nonlinear_pendulum.pdf
The Period of a Pendulum Undergoing Large Deflections: pendulum_period.pdf
Wilberforce Pendulum: Wilberforce_pendulum.pdf
Vibrationdata Metronome Synchronization Video
See also: Nonlinear Vibration
Free vibration of a pendulum, ode45 numerical method. This program solves the nonlinear equation of motion such that large angular displacements are allowed.
Duffing Equation for a Simple Pendulum Driven by a Harmonic Moment.

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