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Helicopter Ground Resonance: helicop.pdf

Apache Helicopter Noise. This article includes Fourier transforms of acoustic data that reveal the blade passing frequency and harmonics of each rotor. (Vibrationdata Newsletter) April 2003
NASA, Low Noise Rotor Concepts: NASA_lownoise.pdf
Chinook Helicopter Ground Resonance Video Side View: hgr1.avi
Chinook Helicopter Ground Resonance Video Back View: hgr22.avi

Transportation Shock Due to Speed Bumps and Road Obstacles: bump.pdf
Sample Automobile Vibration Problems: auto.pdf
Liu and Pfeifer, Introduction to Brake Noise Vibration (slide presentation): brake.pdf
Automotive Acoustic Glossary: auto_sounds.pdf
Rocket Vehicles
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Calculation of the overall velocity level from an acceleration time history via an FFT. The calculation allows for a highpass frequency.
This program calculates the vibration test levels per MIL-STD-810F,Table 514.5C-IV, Helicopter Vibration Exposure.
Tire vibration frequency due to rotating imbalance.

Feature Articles
August 2008
Hybrid Car Warning Sound   
Huey Helicopter Sound & Vibration
Ares I Launch Vehicle Vibration            
Disc Brake Squeal
Lissajous Patterns
  August 2004
Automobile Vibration
Energy Harvesting from Ambient Vibration Sources
  May 2003

The Sounding of Taps at President Kennedy's Funeral.
This article discusses Sergeant Keith Clark's rendition of Taps at the funeral.

Helicopter Vibration per MIL-STD-810F
April 2003

Apache Helicopter Noise.

This article includes Fourier transforms of acoustic data that reveal the blade passing frequency and harmonics of each rotor.
 February 2003
Space Shuttle Columbia Infrasound
Snapping Shrimp Acoustics
 January 2003
Aerodynamic Buffeting at Transonic Speeds
Vibration in Classic TV Sitcoms
 July 2002
Space Shuttle Acoustics, Overpressure, and Vibration
October 2001 
The Kursk Submarine Disaster: A Shock Vibration Perspective
How Astronauts Use Vibration to Measure Their Weight in Space
 September 2001
The X-43A Flight Failure
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
 August 2001
David O. Smallwood, Improved Recursive Formula for Calculating Shock Response Spectra
 July 2001
 Pegasus Launch Vehicle Shock Vibration

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