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Earthquake Engineering Tutorials

An Introduction to Earthquakes: quakes.pdf
Seismic Response Spectra: seis_rs.pdf

The Pseudo Velocity Shock Response Spectrum: pseudo_velox.pdf
Newmark-Hall Method for Design Response Spectra: Newmark Hall.pdf

Building Response to Seismic Excitation: bseismic.pdf
Yu, Whang, Venugopal, Steward, Wallace, Force-Vibration Testing of Buildings using Shaker Seismic, Simulation (LSSS) Testing:  LSSS_testing1.pdf

Seismic_Design, Steel moment frames, Welded Joints: 08-GB_Seismic_Design.pdf

See also: Shock & Shock Response Spectrum


An Implementation of the ANSI Standard C37.98. The Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. Ansi C37.98.pdf

U.S. Army, Response Spectra and Seismic Analysis for Concrete Hydraulic Structures: r_spectra.pdf

Building Vibration Standards: building.pdf

DOE-STD-1020-94. Contains chapter on earthquake design and evaluation criteria: std1020.pdf

United Facilities Criteria (UFC) Structural Load Data, US Department of Defense:

FEMA-350, Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Steel Moment-Frame Buildings: fema-350.pdf

Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Certification by Shake-Table Testing of Nonstructural Components:  ac156.pdf

Building Code Seismic Testing Requirements for Nonstructural Components, slide presentation:  building_code_testing.pdf

R. Bachman, U.S. Building Code Seismic Testing Requirements for Nonstructural Components, slide presentation slide presentation: 01Bachman.pdf


Caltrans Seismic Design Criteria v1.2: caltrans.pdf
Caltrans Transportation Related Earthborne Vibration: caltrans_earth.pdf
Assessment of the Modes of Failure of Retaining Structures from Previous Major Earthquakes: Caltrans Seismic Design Analysis of Retaining Walls Projects:  REU2009_Tadei_Paper.pdf

Nuclear Facilities

Sandia Report, Part I: Use of Seismic Experience and Test Data to Show Ruggedness of Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants & Part II: Review Procedure to Assess Seismic Ruggedness of Cantilever Bracket Cable Tray Supports:  920140.pdf

U.S. Atomic Energy (Nuclear Regulatory) Commission:

Regulatory Guide 1.60:  MIL003740207.pdf

Regulatory Guide 1.61: nuclear_01-061.pdf

Horizontal Design Spectrum Figure:  US_Atomic_SRS.doc

Recommendations for Revision of Seismic Damping Values in Regulatory Guide 1.61: seismic_damping.pdf

 IAEA Seismic Design and Qualification for Nuclear Power Plants, NS-G-1.6: Pub1158_web.pdf

Seismic Synthesis for Shaker Testing and Modal Transient FEA

Shaker Table Seismic Testing of Equipment using Historical Strong Motion Data Scaled to Satisfy a Shock Response Spectrum

An Alternative Method of Specifying Shock Test Criteria: NASA_TM_08_215253.pd

Matlab Scripts:

Wavelet Tables:
Time Histories:


Seismology Tutorials
Seismic Phase List: seismic_phase.pdf
J. Havskov, Instrumentation in Earthquake Seismology instrument.pdf
Earthquake Case Histories
USGS - Loma Prieta Earthquake: USGS-LP.pdf

Hector Mine Earthquake Seismogram: hector.pdf

Professor Otani, Disaster Mitigation Engineering - The Kobe Earthquake Disaster: Kobe_disaster.pdf
Buildings & Bridges Case Histories
Transamerica Pyramid Design: pyramid.pdf
Golden Gate Bridge: golden.pdf
Earthquake Data
El Centro 1940 Earthquake, Time History Data File, North-South Component: elcentro.dat
This file has two colums: time(sec) & Acceleration (G).
See also: El Centro Earthquake

ARS Interpolation Matlab script:  ARS.m


Fundamental Frequency of a Tall Building
Richter magnitude of a local earthquake (ML)
Shock response spectrum of base acceleration time history
 Elastic Design Spectra
Source Code
Synthesis of a time history to satisfy a shock response spectrum specification. The time history consists of damped sinusoids. This program is intended mainly for modal transient analysis.
(formerly known as srs_syn.cpp)
Generate time history from wavelet table.
Synthesis of a time history to satisfy a shock response spectrum specification using wavelets. This program is particularly useful for shaker shock testing.
(formerly known as jsynth.cpp)
Synthesis of a time history to satisfy a shock response spectrum using wavelets with zero time delay.  The resulting acceleration time history somewhat resembles an actual seismic waveform. quake_wavelet_synth.exe quake_wavelet_synth.cpp
Synthesis of a time history to satisfy a shock response spectrum using wavelets with random time delays. This program could be used either for shaker shock or for a modal transient analysis.
Synthesis of a time history to satisfy a shock response spectrum specification using wavelets including a specified ZPA.
 Newsletters with Earthquake Articles
Feature Articles
North Korean Nuclear Test
Wind Turbine Noise
January 2007
Electrophonic Sound
Shofar Acoustics
Seiches in Pools and Lakes Caused by Earthquakes    
June 2006
SOFAR Channel 
Seismo-acoustic T-waves
Ice Quakes

Tsunami Video 1
Tsunami Video 2
 Northern Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami
EKG Waves
Taiwan Earthquake
November 2004 
Data File:
Homebuilt Lehman Seismometer
Solomon Island Earthquake
 March 2002
1. Moonquakes
2. Suspension Footbridge Resonance Induced by Marching
 February 2002 
1. Niigata Earthquake 1964: Soil Liquefaction
2. The Bay of Fundy Resonance
3. Lake Geneva Seiche
4. The Earth’s Natural Frequency
  January 2002 
1. The Citicorp Building Tuned Mass Damper
2. Seismic Response of the Olive View Hospital
 November 2001 
1. Seismic Waveform Review
2. The World Trade Center Disaster: A Shock & Vibration Perspective
3. "Good Vibrations" May Prevent Bone Loss in Space

 August 2001
1. Sunquakes
2. David O. Smallwood, Improved Recursive Formula for Calculating Shock Response Spectra

Recommended Books

Seismic Hammer Truck

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