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NASA TP-1597, Direct Integration of Transient Rotor Dynamics: DI_rotor_dynamics.pdf

Gotz von Groll, Dynamic Properties of Rotating Structures: Modelling and Visualisation of

Simulation and Experimental Results: Rotor_Dynamics_thesis.pdf

Lateral Natural Frequency of a Shaft Rotor System by the Transfer Matrix Method: rotor.pdf

Lateral Natural Frequencies of Rotor Shaft Systems via the Finite Element Method: rotorFEM.pdf

Submitted by P. H. Mathuria, graduate student, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Vibrationdata.com student paper contests, Summer 1999 and Spring 2000, respectively.

Lockheed, Vibration Standard for New and Rebuilt Machinery and Equipment: Vibration_Spec.doc

Crankshaft Torsional Vibration: tv.pdf

D. Fleming, Effect of Bearing Stiffness on Gear Vibration: TM-2002-211356.pdf

An Introduction to Rotating Unbalance: rotating_unbalance.pdf

W. Wowk, A Brief Tutorial on Machine Vibration:  Wowk_tutorial.pdf

See propeller page

Vibration of AC Induction Motors and Generators: AC_motors.pdf

 Newsletters with Rotor Dynamics Articles

Issue Feature Articles
July 2007
Hoover Dam Turbine Generator Acoustics
Cell Phone Phantom Vibration
  May 2003

The Sounding of Taps at President Kennedy's Funeral.
This article discusses Sergeant Keith Clark's rendition of Taps at the funeral.

Helicopter Vibration per MIL-STD-810F
April 2003 Apache Helicopter Noise.
This article includes Fourier transforms of acoustic data that reveal the blade passing frequency and harmonics of each rotor.

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